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35 Draken

Over 400 years of history

Sweden has a lengthy history of initiatives in the defence and security industry. 这个小国却产生了大量的名人, 高科技公司——比如博福斯, 科库姆斯和星际网赌导航,现在已经和星际网赌导航合二为一了. 我们历史的某些方面可以追溯到17世纪, 当时瑞典是欧洲主要强国之一.

星际网赌导航诞生于20世纪30年代,当时正值新一轮世界大战的威胁. In the neutral Sweden, politicians wanted to create an air force based on domestic industry. 很明显,航空就是未来. Prime Minister Per-Albin Hansson declared in a speech in 1936 that “our country should manufacture its own weapons as much as possible. We have good shipyards and armouries but we have no production in the country for warplanes.”


星际网赌导航公司成立于1937年4月2日,开发和制造作战飞机. 瑞典空军是在冷战期间用我们的产品建立起来的, 并成为世界上最大的公司之一. Planes such as the Draken, Viggen and Gripen represent some of Sweden’s largest industrial initiatives through history and have led to pioneering technological developments in several fields, not the least in the IT sector.

A large portion of the Swedish defence and security industry’s history is associated with today’s Saab. 通过收购Bofors和Kockums等公司, 星际网赌导航的传统可以追溯到17世纪. As early as the reign of King Karl XI during the country’s years as a major power, Sweden’s most specialised vessels were launched at the naval yard in Karlskrona, and the same is true today with the construction of the next generation of submarines.

Victor Hammar the gun designer

在19世纪末的博福斯制造业区, 阿尔弗雷德·诺贝尔开始了世界领先的火炮和火药生产. More than 100 years later, this is where antiaircraft weapons systems and antitank weapons are developed for future needs. In 2006, Saab made one of its most strategic acquisitions with the purchase of Ericsson Microwave Systems. 该公司拥有世界领先的雷达和监视产品, 包括机载雷达系统Erieye, the Giraffe ground radar system and the artillery localization radar system Arthur.

虽然我们最初是一家纯粹的国防工业公司, the end of the war and impending military budget cuts prompted the company to branch out into civilian aircraft and applications. This process would pave the way for the company’s merger with Scania between 1969 and 1995.